Blir det ett globalt amalgamförbud på FN-mötet i Nairobi?

Kommer Lars låt att platsa i Allsång på Skansen? 
Lyssna på Killing_Fillings_[Toxic_Edit]
Sedan 2009 har vi ett amalgamförbud i Sverige, men det kvicksilverhaltiga tandmaterialet används fortfarande på många håll i världen, även i barntänder. Medan Europarådet vill ha fler begränsningar eller förbud i medlemsländerna, (mercury-free-dentistry) vill amalgamskadade Lars och många med honom få till stånd ett globalt amalgamförbud.    (Tidigare inlägg om kvicksilver i damm, mm.)
Nairobi nästa!
Kampen kan bli hård vid den internationella kvicksilverkongressen nästa vecka, tror en annan Lars, kvicksilverforskaren Hylander som intervjuas i dagens Klotet i P1
”Tandamalgam blir en viktig fråga eftersom amalgamlobbyn försöker exkludera kvicksilver för tandbruk. Lyckas de så blir kvicksilverkonventionen tandlös. I många länder är det förbjudet att använda kvicksilver för att utvinna guld, men jag har upprepade gånger sett förpackningar med kvicksilver på guldgrävarfälten, som varit märkta ”för dentalt bruk”.
Amalgamets rättigheter?
Miljö- och hälsoinriktade NGOs kommer att vara representerade vid mötet likaså DATT, en specialorganisation inom FDI med ett enda syfte, nämligen att kämpa för amalgamets dentala rättigheter (att förorena jorden?). (se nedan). P.s. Ånga från fyllning: youtub Kvicks. i vaccin

Will there be a global amalgam ban at the UNEP in Nairobi?

Will Lars qualify for the ”Amalgam Idol”?
Listen to Killing_Fillings_[Toxic_Edit]
With his song, Lars Anckarman from Sweden, himself an amalgam victim, has an important message to the world. 
Next stop Nairobi!
The upcoming 3rd meeting of the Global Mercury Committee will take place in Nairobi next week.  Unep/INC3/. Dental amalgam (with upto 50 % mercury) is still used even in childrens’ teeth in many countries, and the Council of Europe urges member countries to ban or at least limit its use (mercury-free-dentistry), but singing Lars - like so many others – hopes for a global ban. Another Lars, mercury researcher Hylander, has certain concerns:
”Dental amalgam will be an important issue at the meeting, since the amalgam lobby is trying to exclude mercury for dental use. If they succeed, the mercury convention will be toothless. The use of mercury in gold mining is banned in many countries, but it is used by millions of people and I have repeatedly seen packages with mercury at gold mining sites, marked with ”for dental use”.
The rights of amalgam?
Environmental and health-oriented NGOs will be present at the meeting and so will organizations such as DATT, specially designed by the FDI (Federation Dentaire Internationale) to protect the dental rights of amalgam (to pollute the world?). (interview with member: fdiworldental)
FDI on Swedish radio!
Today, Lars Hylander, Ulf Bengtsson ( and Jean-Luc Eisele from the FDI were interviewed by the Swedish scientific radio, the latter two about FDIs close cooperation with dental industry.
We´re independent, said Jean-Luc Eiselé. See summary in comments/kommentarer.
Poster: ”Nobody needs mercury” BLOGGPOST permalink KILLING FILLINGS!!

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  1. admin skriver:

    Radio transmission ”Klotet”, Swedish scientific radio, 26th of October, 2011:

    Having interviewed Lars Hylander about pollution from dental mercury used in gold mining, and Ulf Bengtsson about the connection between FDI and industry (such as Ivo Claar Vivadent and other dental suppliers), the reporter calls the FDI, located in Genevé, and Jean-Luc Eiselé, vice president, answers the phone:

    He confirms FDIs close cooperation with industry, but denies that this is a problem.

    -We are independet and cooperate with many different suppliers of dental products.

    In one of the yearly financial reports of FDI, the organization expresses its gratitude to its sponsoring companies, but since it is impossible to say that amalgam suppliers in particular have supported FDI more than others, they regard themselves as independent.

    Despite the availability of alternative dental materials used in Sweden and Norway among other places, the organization wants to stick to dental amalgam. The alternatives are too expensive, especially in developing countries, where dental problems can be big.
    The consequences of an amalgam ban would be that people in Africa with dental issues would have problems, since dental amalgam is the easiest and most inexpensive alternative in that part of the world, says Jean-Luc Eiselé på FDI.

    To be commented and continued…

  2. Lasse skriver:

    Nu är ju inte jag någon Lars Berghagen så något ”Allsång på Skansen” lär det knappast bli. I alla fall inte med den texten. ;-)

    Vill passa på att nämna att låten aldrig blivit till utan min vän och broder Tommy L.

    For those finding the music ”too heavy” – not the lyrics i hope – there’s a ”softer ’killing’ alternative” here:

    The FDI seem to be in it only for the money, jeopardizing people’s health.

    What happened to Doxadent, a simple and non-toxic filling, very suitable for Africa?

  3. admin skriver:

    Farligt att borsta amalgamtänder! Kvicksilver frigörs! Kolla video nedan!

    Message and video from dentist:
    Drs. McGuire and Rubin YouTube Video

    The Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth video conclusively proves that not only do amalgam fillings release toxic mercury vapor – but that the common act of brushing just one amalgam filling – will release more mercury than allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace. Click on to watch this amazing video demonstration -and don’t forget to tell your friends and family! (It can also be found by searching YouTube for Tom McGuire, DDS or Poison in Your Teeth.)

  4. Kemikaliedetektiven skriver:

    Lasse, you ask about Doxadent and you are right – it would be the perfect dental filling material for Africa, for children, for sensitive people and for anyone who wants to avoid metals or bisphenol A-plastics. I speak to people all the time who happily chew their food with Doxadent fillings since 10 years or more. I am one of them.

    Doxadent was developed as a replacement for amalgam and composites and launched in 2000 (approved by the American FDA in 2002). It is a climate-, environment- and healthfriendly bioceramic material, inexpensive, no special equipment required or even electricity. Can be used in the bush, you just need a little bit of water to mix with it.
    Find old press release here:

    The perfect solution one would think, but some people apparantly did not agree, since Doxadent is no longer available.
    Why does the small Uppsala-based company, Doxa AB, refuse to sell a decent dental material that took them 15 years to develop?

    They claim it needs to be ”further developed”, something that was supposed to be done by the big dental company Dentsply,
    but the years went by and nothing happened. Another reason for keeping it from the market was, according to Doxa, that one negative article was published about the material (based on a doctor dissertation at the Umeå University) and spread all over the world (how many articles will it take to get rid of dental amalgam?), giving them a bad reputation. However, the company stopped manufacturing Doxadent long before that article was published (in 2002-2003), after a few complaints from dentists who had problems using the material, which my dentists never had.
    Dental amalgam is long overdue, but in my opinion, Doxadent never had a fair chance and no support group within the FDI was formed to its rescue.
    Doxa now has an office in the US and a partner, Henry Schein, and is successfully marketing a dental cement! On the website they write that ”the global dental market is estimated to 19 billion USD 2010 and is predicted to increase by 6–8 percent per year.”

    For further info., please read this article (available in Swedish only): Follow-up interview:

  5. Lorenzo skriver:

    Ciao Monica,
    Takk for artikkelen . Jeg vil ikke gå i Nairobi.
    Du må se disse tvaa video

  6. Lorenzo skriver:

    Fantastiska kommentarer!
    Vem sjunger och vem som skrev låten?
    låten hade jag inte lagt märke till förut.

    takk saa mykke! lorenzo
    Vänligen håll mig informerad om Nairobi!

    och du … har du sett vår italienska video?

  7. admin skriver:

    Doctor Joakim Mutter, Germany sent some amalgam articles:

    ”I can´t attend in Nairobi, but you know my critical scientific publications about the toxicity of dental amalgam, the latest was pubslihed in 2011
    and here:
    It is highly assessed. which is very positive.
    There are all arguements againts dental amalgam described and underlined with scientific studies.

    Regarding Mercury and Alzheimer disease: See my last scientific publication here:
    A new article regarding mercury and Parkinson disease is in the pipeline

    Best regards

  8. Kemikaliedetektiven skriver:

    Lasse, additional info. about Doxa Ab (and Doxadent. )
    According to Ulf Bengtsson the ex-partner and the present business partner of Doxa, ”Dentsply and Henry Schein Inc are both Corporate Partners of the FDI,

    Both are members of the American Dental Trade Alliance, DTA, which is a Supporting Member of the FDI

    The Chairman of FDA, Margaret Hamburg, is an ex. board member of Henry Schein Inc.”

  9. Lasse skriver:

    Lorenzo: Tack. Det är jag som har skrivit låten och sjunger. Hoppas du uppskattar den. Jag tittade på er video, synd att jag inte förstår italienska.

    Regarding Doxa; After reading most of the articles linked to I have to say this is a mystery. A stinking mystery as far as I understand. I quote from the December 2005 article linked to above:

    ”—This material has awakened the interest of the world’s biggest dental company Dentsply International and it is expected Doxadent will become the leading global dental material.—”
    What happened? And why all this time to ”develope” something almost perfect from the beginning? If the reasons for the disappearence of Doxadent is money one can surely state that the power of money eradicated health care from dental treatment. Isn’t the old slogan ”an apple a day keeps the doctor away” valid anymore?

  10. lorenzo skriver:

    I post a video about dental amalgam in English:

    Here is another one that I like a lot, though it is not only about amalgam.
    They are both on my Youtube Channel, both in English.

    Thanks Monica for all you have done for the Italian anti-amalgam movement, here is your wonderful partecipation to the National Tv program with Mino Damato in 1991: (Italian, no subtitles, Monica spieks towards midpart of the video.) lorenzo

  11. lorenzo skriver:

    Hi , I’m Lorenzo again.
    I have a question. The problem with Doxadent is only knowing if it really works long-time. Here there is an article that says it doesn’t work.
    Doxa is a almost 20 years old patent. Once we know it works, there are many chemist and many industries that could realize it. The real obstacle is if it doesn’t work.
    It is true that Doxa has the same functionality as a normal
    vetroionomeric cement?

    Can anyone comment on this study? Why did they write such things!!
    Swed Dent J. 2005;29(2):45-51.
    A three year follow-up of posterior doxadent restorations.
    Van Dijken JW, Sunnegårdh-Grönberg K.
    SourceDepartment of Dental Hygienist Education, Umeå University, Sweden.

    A new direct restorative material, a calcium aluminate cement, was introduced in the year 2000 and sold under the name Doxadent (Doxa AB, Uppsala, Sweden). The aim of this study was to evaluate Doxadent used in class I and II cavities. A total of 63 restorations were evaluated clinically, according to sligthly modified USPHS criteria, at baseline, after 6 mths, 1, 2 and 3 yrs. Four of the patients reported post-operative sensitivity. At 3 yrs, 62 restorations were evaluated. At 6 mths 9.5% non-acceptable Doxadent restorations were observed, 17.5% at 12 mths, 24.2% at 2 yrs and 21% at 3 yrs, which resulted in a cumulative failure frequency of 72.6% at the end of the 3-years for the new restorative material. Main reasons for failure were material or tooth fracture.
    It can be concluded that Doxadent showed a non-acceptable clinical failure rate as a posterior restorative, especially in class II cavities.

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